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He is specialized in labor law and traffic criminal law. How did you end up in this course? “I was actually biased towards the business world, but halfway through my studies at the HEAO (Higher Economic and Administrative Education) I switched to the university to study law. To earn something extra, I worked as a court reporter for the Noordhollands Dagblad. This sparked my interest in the legal profession. In 1987 I was sworn in as a lawyer and for a long time I mainly did serious criminal cases: robberies, manslaughter and murder. I am currently doing something else. My office specializes in traffic criminal law and provides legal assistance to companies. I am an entrepreneur employees in labor disputes, but also people who are involved in a traffic accident or have been driving under the influence of influence. In the criminal cases that I used to do, clients had usually done something intentionally. People make mistakes in traffic, but they usually don't do that on purpose. ” Why does this course suit you? “The people who come to me have a problem that dominates their lives at the time. I think it's great that you as a lawyer can look for a solution through your expertise and commitment. You can use your experience to estimate the course of a lawsuit. Of course you prepare your client for that. You do not create expectations that you cannot fulfill. " What are the pros and cons of your work? Ronald Kool. "Large differences in legal profession reward" "Over the years, just like many other professions, the legal profession has joined the twenty-four-hour economy. So you can be called on the weekends and you have to be more or less always available. Previously it was really different. Of course I am always available if there are incidents but I try not to be in the office on weekends. You have to divide your time, dose and also take a rest. I think the advantage of my work is that I have my own office. I have an employee, but no partners. With a partnership, everything has to be discussed in detail and you can't just adjust something. I can do that. "

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